You know how, in my earlier post, I said I had never seen someone who advocated censoring evolution in favor of creationism before?

Well, I just realized—yes, I have.

Then again, Will Bryan has been dead for 83 years, so that is pretty telling…


I’ve decided to compile a list of the most obvious logical fallacies commited by Conservapedia.

So, without further ado…


Recently, some guy came to RationalWiki, posting a link to his own wiki on his userpage. He had hit us with a drive-by essay before, but I went to his site, and found that this guy was so ridiculously right-wing that he opposes democracy. This is truly disgusting. Other than that, there was the typical misunderstanding of evolution, though he actually goes so far as to say that evolution should be excluded from schools in favor of creationism. I have honestly never seen anyone so openly advocate for such censorship before.

People like him make me worry for the future.