I’m a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, as well as being a staunchly anti-pseudoscience. So when these two interests collided in an unexpected way, my curiosity was piqued.

For those not in the know, I will define a few terms first:

Ship: slang for relationship

Canon: the actual storyline of a, well…story

Quote mining: taking a quote out of context so that it supports your position

Kataang: a term for the canon romantic relationship between Avatar characters Aang and Katara

Zutara: a term for an alledged romantic relationship between Avatar characters Zuko and Katara

Zutarian: anyone who supports Zutara

Canon!Zutarian: anyone who believes that Zutara is the actual canon ship of Avatar

Now then…

I have found that canon!Zutarians bear a disturbing resemblance to creationists. For example, they both refuse to acknowledge any other possibilities, stubbornly clinging to their causes in the face of all contrary facts.

Both sides are also guilty of quote mining. Creationists, as I’m sure many of my fellow skeptics know, commonly rip quotes from various evolutionary scientists out of context and claim that the mined quotes are proof that even evolutionary scientists doubt their own theory. In a similar vein, canon!Zutarians will often present scenes from Avatar out of context in a way that makes them seem to support canon!Zutara.

They also fall victim to the fallacy of starting with a conclusion, then looking for evidence to support it.

Additionally, they also have a nasty tendency to overanalyze things.